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Spiritual Healing – What Happens When an Emotion Gets Resolved?

When an emotion gets resolved-we gain a spiritual lesson and we are able to move forward positively and productively without storing negative memories from the experience ayahuasca retreats. This is our spiritual work in this lifetime-to recall and reconnect with who we truly are.

When we resolve emotions-

Our lives are flooded with peace and happiness. And, when a negative feeling gets released and deleted from our DNA, the door is opened for our lives to come into balance-physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. People are often surprised when an emotion is released and their physical maladies disappear or that a lifelong behavioral problem is changed for the better. Aromas can play a transformational role in this process.

We have a choice here-we can choose to ignore or run away from spiritual growth. What are the consequences? Not pretty ones-refusing to resolve issues may be a result of fear or incorrect perception of truth. We fail to learn the life’s lesson and our lives move in negative and unproductive ways like controlling habits and unproductive emotional reactions to life’s situations. Our lives become dysfunctional, relationships become strained or broken and peace and happiness eludes us. These negative feelings get stored in our DNA and can lead to in-numerable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems and inappropriate behaviors. They can lead to depression, anxiety, mental illness, hopelessness and even suicide. To be free of unresolved emotions you must be willing to look at both your present and your past, take responsibility for your emotions and release and let go that which no longer serves you in a positive and healthy way.

What Can We Do to Help Someone Else?

Spiritual healing-specifically Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry, Healing Touch or Reiki are all forms of spiritual healing. All of these modalities involve the practitioner centering, connecting to their Higher Source, to God, and willing to be a conduit for God’s energy to flow through them for the highest good of the person before them. As a practitioner, I combine this work with aromatherapy to help unlock stuck emotions that are preventing the client from moving on in productive ways in their life. Want to know more about healing energy and healing ministry? The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy teaches classes throughout the United States on both aromatherapy and energy (spiritual) healing.